This extension allows you to post to webhooks from some common third-party websites or programs.

WebHook block

Posts a message to a webhook.

webhook data: [] webhook url: [] :: #3c48c2

The empty area is where you insert the data reporter and/or connector reporter. The string area is where you put your webhook's URL.

Data Reporter

The Menu area of the Data Reporter currently has three options, ("content","name","icon").


((content v) [] :: #3c48c2)

When choosing "content", you can type in the text you want to send as the body of the webhook.


((name v) [] :: #3c48c2)

When choosing "name", you can type in the name of the name you want the webhook to display as on the third-party website.


((icon v) [] :: #3c48c2)

When choosing "icon", you can type in a URL to the image you want to set as the profile picture of the webhook.

Connector Reporter

([], [] :: #3c48c2)

This reporter connects two different data reporters together and/or another connector reporter so you can send multiple pieces of data to the webhook.