TurboWarp Extension Gallery

Unlike custom extensions on other websites, these aren't limited by the extension sandbox, so they are a lot more powerful. All extensions are reviewed for safety.

To use multiple of these extensions in TurboWarp, hover over the extension and press the button to copy its URL. Then go to the editor, open the extension chooser, then choose the "Custom Extension" option at the bottom, and enter the URL.

These extensions are not compatible with Scratch.
Projects that use these extensions can't be uploaded to the Scratch website. They can, however, be used in the packager.
Some extensions may not work in TurboWarp Desktop.
For compatibility, security, and offline support, each TurboWarp Desktop update contains an offline copy of these extensions from its release date, so some extensions may be outdated or missing. Use the latest update for best results.
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Animated Text

An easy way to display and animate text. Compatible with Scratch Lab's Animated Text experiment. Created by LilyMakesThings.


Stretch sprites horizontally or vertically.

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Directly access gamepads instead of just mapping buttons to keys.

Box2D Physics

Two dimensional physics. Originally created by griffpatch.

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Read and download files.


Adds blocks for mouse locking. Mouse x & y blocks will report the change since the previous frame while the pointer is locked. Replaces the pointerlock experiment.

Mouse Cursor

Use custom cursors or hide the cursor. Also allows replacing the cursor with any costume image.

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Runtime Options

Get and modify turbo mode, framerate, interpolation, clone limit, stage size, and more.

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Make requests to the broader internet.

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Manipulate characters and text. Originally created by CST1229.

Local Storage

Store data persistently. Like cookies, but better.

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Convert numbers between bases. Created by TrueFantom.


Blocks that operate on the binary representation of numbers in computers. Created by TrueFantom.

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Math blocks that work on infinitely large integers (no decimals). Created by Skyhigh173.

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A bunch of interesting blocks. Originally created by Sheep_maker.

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Play sounds from URLs.

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Play videos from URLs. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Display webpages or HTML over the stage.

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HTML Encode

Escape untrusted text to safely include in HTML. Created by ClaytonTDM.

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Clipping & Blending Sample Projects:

Additive Fire Clipping Sprites and Pen

Clipping & Blending

Clipping outside of a specified rectangular area and different color blending modes. Created by Vadik1.

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Read and write from the system clipboard.

Pen Plus V7

Advanced rendering capabilities. Created by ObviousAlexC.

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Pen Plus V5 (Old)

Replaced by Pen Plus V6. Created by ObviousAlexC.

Simple 3D

Make GPU accelerated 3D projects easily. Created by Vadik1.


Have your sprites render as other images or costumes. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Sensing Plus

An extension to the sensing category. Created by ObviousAlexC.

Key Simulation

Simulate key presses and mouse clicks. Created by CubesterYT.

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Clones Plus

Expansion of Scratch's clone features. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Looks Plus

Expands upon the looks category, allowing you to show/hide, get costume data and edit SVG skins on sprites. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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More Events

Start your scripts in new ways. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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List Tools

An assortment of new ways to interact with lists. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Mobile Keyboard

Show the keyboard on mobile devices and get the users input without showing any input modal. Created by veggiecan0419.

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More Motion

More motion-related blocks. Created by NamelessCat.

Window Controls

Move, resize, rename the window, enter fullscreen, get screen size, and more. Created by CubesterYT. Originally created by BlueDome77.

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Browser Fullscreen

Enter and exit fullscreen mode. Created by Veggiecan0419.

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Screen Resolution

Get the resolution of the primary screen. Created by shreder95ua.

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Ask Before Closing Tab

Show a prompt when someone tries to close the tab. Created by XmerOriginals.

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Details about the user's browser and operating system.

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Access information about the battery of phones or laptops. May not work on all devices and browsers.

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Custom Styles

Customize the appearance of variable monitors and prompts in your project. Created by TheShovel.

Color Picker

Access your system's color picker. Created by TheShovel.

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Control Controls

Show and hide the project's controls. Created by NamelessCat.

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Display notifications.

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Precise delta timing blocks. Created by XeroName.

Augmented Reality

Shows image from camera and performs motion tracking, allowing 3D projects to correctly overlay virtual objects on real world. Created by Vadik1.


Encode and decode strings into their unicode numbers, base 64, or URLs. Created by -SIPC-.

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Sound Expanded

Adds more sound-related blocks. Created by LilyMakesThings.

Temporary Variables

Create disposable runtime or thread variables. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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More Timers

Control several timers at once. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Ping Cloud Data

Determine whether a cloud variable server is probably up. Originally created by TheShovel.

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A powerful WebSocket extension for Scratch. Created by MikeDEV.

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Various blocks for interacting with the network. Created by TrueFantom.

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A lot of operators blocks, from exponentiation to trigonometric functions. Created by TrueFantom.

Open Extension


Full interface for working with Regular Expressions. Created by TrueFantom.

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A few adapter blocks. Created by TrueFantom.

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All Menus

Special category with every menu from every Scratch category and extensions. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Hidden Block Collection

Various "hacked blocks" that work in Scratch but are not visible in the palette. Created by LilyMakesThings and pumpkinhasapatch.

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Convert values between types. Created by LilyMakesThings.

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Blocks for times, dates, and time zones. Created by -SIPC- and SharkPool.

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Blocks that interact with the JavaScript console built in to your browser's developer tools. Created by -SIPC-.

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Search Params

Interact with URL search parameters: the part of the URL after a question mark. Created by ZXMushroom63.


A bunch of miscellaneous blocks. Created by TheShovel.

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Asset Manager

Add, remove, and get data from various types of assets.

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Font Manager

Add, delete, and manage fonts. Created by SharkPool and Ashimee.

Wake Lock

Prevent the computer from falling asleep. Created by D-ScratchNinja.

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Handle JSON strings and arrays. Created by Skyhigh173.

Open Extension


Create and extract values from XML. Created by mybearworld.

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Numerical Encoding V2

Encode strings as numbers for cloud variables. Not compatible with V1 due to using much more efficient format.

Open Extension

Numerical Encoding V1

Use V2 instead as it is more efficient. V1 only exists for compatibility reasons. Created by cs2627883.

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Camera Controls (Very Buggy)

Move the visible part of the stage. Created by DT.

Open Extension

Canvas Effects

Apply visual effects to the entire stage. Created by TheShovel and SharkPool.

RGB Channels

Only render or stamp certain RGB channels.


Create and edit .zip format files, including .sb3 files. Created by CST1229.

Open Extension


Some blocks for working with images. Originally created by CST1229.

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LZ Compress

Compress and decompress text using lz-string.

Open Extension


Blocks for interacting with a virtual in-memory filesystem. Created by 0832.

Open Extension


Get information about Scratch projects and Scratch users. Created by NamelessCat.

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Graphics 2D

Blocks to compute lengths, angles, and areas in two dimensions. Created by NOname-awa.

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More Comparisons

More comparison blocks. Created by NOname-awa.


Easing methods for smooth animations. Created by JeremyGamer13.

Open Extension


Various utility blocks. Created by RixTheTyrunt.

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Lily's Toolbox

Previously called LMS Utilities. Created by LilyMakesThings.

Open Extension

Data Analysis

Blocks to compute means, medians, maximums, minimums, variances, and modes. Created by qxsck.

Open Extension

Variable and list

More blocks related to variables and lists. Created by qxsck.

Open Extension


Use the power of dictionaries in your project. Created by Vercte.

Open Extension


Comprehensive extension for interacting with external websites. Created by RedMan13.


Manually connect to WebSocket servers. Created by RedMan13.

Open Extension

Comment Blocks

Annotate your scripts. Created by LilyMakesThings.

Open Extension

Longman Dictionary

Get the definitions of words from the Longman Dictionary in your projects. Created by veggiecan0419.


Allows you to use webhooks. Created by CubesterYT.

Open Extension


Allows reading data from NFC (NDEF) devices. Only works in Chrome on Android. Created by Alestore Games.

Open Extension


Blocks that interact with the itch.io website. Unofficial. Created by softed.

Game Jolt

Blocks that allow games to interact with the GameJolt API. Unofficial. Created by softed.

Open Extension


Blocks that allow games to interact with the Newgrounds API. Unofficial. Created by ObviousAlexC.


Helpful utilities for any fast food employee. Created by LilyMakesThings.